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Flying The Motorcycles of The Sky! New BlackHawk Video!

If these flying machines cost the same as a dirt bike, would you rather have your feet on the ground or your head in the clouds? Would you rather stick to familiar roads, or venture to a place where roads don’t dictate the course of your adventures? There are endless ways to have fun. If you had the choice between a dirt bike, or your own personal aircraft, what would you choose?

Welcome to the Powered Paragliding experience – or what we call “the dirt bikes of the sky!” With a Powered Paraglider or “Paramotor,” there are noParamotor Flyers Powered Paragliding: Oklahoma Lessons & Dealer licenses required… No Insurance… And you can fit the entire aircraft into the trunk of your car. You can see or experience the world in a whole new way and access untouched places where no other vehicle can take you.

Many people spend their time and resources on ground-based recreational vehicles – instead of soaring above the clouds. Often, this is because they didn’t even know this type of non-licensed aviation exists. Over the last decade, these flying machines have become the fastest-growing form of personal flight and they are being shipped to all parts of the globe for people to enjoy. Every day, someone new looks up at the sky, sees a Paramotor for the first time, and the course of their lives are instantly changed.

Paramotor Flyers Powered Paragliding: Oklahoma Lessons & DealerInstead of going over a jump on a bike and “getting some air” for a few seconds, wouldn’t you rather leave the ground and stay up there for hours? Many Paramotors utilize 2-stroke engines, which are somewhat similar to those found in standard dirtbikes. These aviation-grade engines are designed to the highest-standards, with safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency as their top priorities. The average Paramotor gets about an hour of flight per gallon of gas, so with a standard tank, you could fly for hours before a quick re-fuel, and then returning back to the sky. Vast distances can be covered, making Paramotors the ultimate cross-country vehicle for exploration.


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