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How to Rebuild a BlackHawk 125 Engine!

At the request of many Paramotor Pilots around the world, Mike Robinson of BlackHawk Paramotors teams up with Wisconsin Dealer Marc Amenson to show you how to rebuild a BlackHawk 125 Paramotor engine! After many hours of flying your Paramotor, you can easily “rebuild” a few of the main components, and keep flying as if you had a new motor! Many Pilots put hundreds of hours on their units before even thinking about rebuilding one. Rebuild times can vary depending on your motor, how well maintenance has been kept up, the flying style of the Pilot, etc. We hope that you find this video informative and the information valuable!

Many Paramotors on the market are similar by design, so this video can be extremely useful in assisting with the rebuild process. ALWAYS check with your local Dealer or Manufacturer before you engage in ANY major machine maintenance or procedures. Also make sure to conduct a THOROUGH pre-flight inspection and break-in procedures before flying a new or rebuilt motor.

If you have any questions about the rebuild process, have a different motor than the one used in this video, or have any suggestions for future video topics, please feel free to contact BlackHawk’s headquarters in California, or contact Paramotor Flyers by calling the number below.

Thanks for watching and let us know what you think in the comment section below the video! Blue skies from all of us at Team BlackHawk USA!

(319) 795-4278

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