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Make Kiting Your Glider Fun AGAIN!

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Remember how exciting it was to kite your Glider for the first time? We’ve all had that “ah-ha! moment” when the glider finally starts doing exactly what we want it to! There’s also nothing like opening up a brand new glider and kiting it for the first time.

The next time the winds aren’t optimal, consider practicing your ground handling skills. Try sitting on the ground and kite (like Mike Robinson pictured above) and see if you can keep the glider hovering a few feet above the ground. Or, try it one-handed (like our Instructor Joe Cruz in the picture above). You can always organize a friendly “kiting war” competition (like we did at Salton Sea in the picture above) or design a “kiting obstacle course” to make it interesting! For many of our Pilots, kiting is like a form of meditation in a way – as it keeps us in the present moment.

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