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How to Rebuild a BlackHawk 125 Engine!

INTRODUCTION: At the request of many Paramotor Pilots around the world, Mike Robinson of BlackHawk Paramotors teams up with Wisconsin Dealer Marc Amenson to show you how to rebuild a BlackHawk 125 Paramotor engine! After many hours of flying your Paramotor, you can easily “rebuild” a few of the main …

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Paramotor Documentary Short From BlackHawk!

Paramotor Flyers Powered Paragliding: Oklahoma Lessons & Dealer

They’ve been called “the dirtbikes of the sky… human drones… or flying cars… Upon seeing one, spectators will stop dead in their tracks – staring up at the sky and often exclaiming “What in the world is that and where can I get one!” We call them Paramotors or Powered …

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